Bing’s new ChatGPT says you can ask anything, but that’s a very bad idea

Ask me anything. This is a long form of AMA and one of the most popular forms of interactive discourse on Reddit. It is also a big challenge because Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot, also known as “the new Bing”, is a fast learner.

Every time a celebrity or celebrity signs up for a Reddit AMA, usually shortly after posing with a photo to prove that it’s really them who are answering the questions, there is a moment of deep anxiety.

Being able to ask anyone questions is usually a minefield of inappropriate discourse managed by a live community manager who answers and filters questions. Otherwise, things quickly spiral out of control. Even without this protection indeed, they often do (opens in a new tab).

(Image credit: future)

When Microsoft launched its new Bing AI-powered chat, it made it clear that ChatGPT’s AI is ready for any questions. This was either a sign of deep trust with a relatively small but growing group of users, or incredible naivety.

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